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Daring Dustbunnies

Kickstarter, Daring DustbunniesAndy Hopwood

For the last two years I have been working on a game that combines pushing your luck and hidden identity. As is always the case multiple playtesting sessions have moulded it into what I hope is the finished article.

In Daring Dustbunnies you will be racing across the carpet towards a vacuum cleaner. You have a hand of cards that you use to move balls of fluff. Your fate is connected to one of the fluffballs each round (there are three rounds in all). If your fluffball is nearest to the vacuum cleaner when someone goes up the tube - you will win a gold medal. However if your fluffball is the one to be sucked up, you get nothing!

The fluffballs race across room tiles (the number varies with player count) and each room features two or three spaces which trigger special actions. There are five double sided room boards in the game and you only use a maximum of four rooms in a random order each round. So there a many different combinations of racetrack. Each character has an ability unique to them and you also collect charms that let you “tweak” the rules as you play.

What all of this means is that the game becomes very dynamic and playing just one card from your hand can trigger a chain of multiple events that affect the game significantly.

You’ll get a fate card at the beginning of each round and spend your time trying to mislead your opponents whilst also guessing what colour they might be. The consequences to being discovered are naturally that you are more likely to be put into the vacuum. There’s plenty of misdirection and deduction in the game, and lots of opportunities for both.

I am hoping the game will be on kickstarter by the time the UK Games Expo arrives in late May 2019. Kickstarter means I can have a more ambitious project which has included an artist in the form of Lloyd Ash Pyne and the support of Nate Brett in graphic design. With the right amount of support I hope to be able to create quality components to a game that I know works really well.


Bernard the Beard

Working out his next move in Daring Dustbunnies