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Preparing for the Expo

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It’s Zen time with Mystic Misha from Daring Dustbunnies

It’s Zen time with Mystic Misha from Daring Dustbunnies

It’s time to find that inner zen as we gallop towards the biggest weekend of my gaming year.

The UK Games Expo is my main annual event. You’ll find the Hopwood Games stand in Hall 1 near the Playtest area.

The Expo have a rather excellent system of numbering. I am stand 1-295 which means I am in hall 1, in aisle 2, and 95 metres from the front of the hall. Pretty clever stuff and another example of the organisers using common sense to make a great event easier to attend.

So what will I have with me this time?

The Very Nearly Completely Perfect Prototype of Daring Dustbunnies

This is what I’ll be concentrating on this time as I really am about to launch my kickstarter. I know it’s been a while but it does mean that kickstarter backers will be getting the finished article. The characters have been roadtested, the rules are super tight, and the gameplay dynamics proven to work time after time. I have a manufacturer and fulfilment agent in place and reviews on the way. It’s an exciting and nervous time for me but I mostly want to make sure I do a good job of this for the backers sake.

Copies of Mijnlieff

It is available on my new website now and as I am using squarespace to design it, the website is no longer such a terrible place to be. I’ll be making sure that I have some copies for the expo come what may.


For those people who didn’t get a copy of Flipside last year you’ll be able to get this from me at the expo. Since last year we had a rather lovely review by none other than Mr Tom Vasel, and Match got the dicetower seal of approval! Hooray! You can see the review right here - Flipside Review

New design in the Pipeline

I have been working on a new design for a year or two now. A simple piratical game of sharing out the booty. It’s going well and is super quick to play. So if you see me out and about at the expo - I probably have a deck of booty in my pocket ready to whip out and play at a moments notice.